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Don’t trust the shadows or you may yet be swallowed by them. · By Radiogenic Games


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Charged laser blasts
- Gave the player the ability to charge their gun shots - small, medium, and large. - I also updated the Radiogenic Games logo so it looks better when loading t...
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GDC 2019 Build
A whole new prologue level testing out story and conversation systems among other things. Also includes the newest player prototype.
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New Player Prototype!
We've changed gears a bit and are now focusing on making a really solid player prototype before moving on to the full demo and mechanics. SO FAR WE'VE GOT THE F...
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Laser Blasts, Deadly Traps, and a Skull
Greetings all! So much done this week! I'm excited to show it all off and get your feedback. Some changes are based off of feedback you all were nice enough to...
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